Smart devices application for the “Smart Desert” project

Currently considering digital technology and artificial intelligence as the most important tools that are relied upon in the agricultural sector, because of their main role in preserving the agricultural productions. So it is important to have an intelligent warning system to limit disasters that help farmers to be prepared for any risks that may threaten their agricultural crops.

The Smart Desert project will provide a free warning system that uses smart algorithms to predict the potential of natural disasters for example; floods, locusts attacking crops, frost, or any threats that related to climate change, through developing a smart phone application for farmers and agricultural workers to extrapolate natural hazards that may affect farms and forecast weather conditions to protect crops from any potential dangers.

This application, through the early warning system will contribute in preservation of agricultural crops, lands, and the infrastructures. also will help to reducing material losses that may be afforded by farmers, increasing the ability of resilience in case of disasters, and strengthening the supply and the supply chains for markets over the year.