Home Based Businesses

Home Based Businesses

Outside of the public sector, micro and small enterprises, including home-based businesses, are a primary engine of growth in Jordan. As of 2019, there were more than 12,000 home-based businesses in the Kingdom, most of which were created and managed by women.

Many women and young people turn to the informal economy to make a living. While this can meet immediate needs, people working outside the regulated economy are at risk of exploitation—a challenge when many are already in a vulnerable position. To address these gaps, the Government of Jordan streamlined the process through which home-based businesses can be formally registered and licensed.

Smart DESERT Project will lead efforts to build the management, marketing, and digital skills of HBBs so they can increase sales and incomes, especially in off-season months. It will also deliver training on product development, packaging, costing, QC, and processing best practices.

New HBBs will receive comprehensive assistance including facility setup and a core training package covering project management, financial management, design and quality control measures, marketing and digital marketing, health and safety, as well as customized training based on the specific type of HBB.

The Project will facilitate the registration of HBBs (owned by Syrians and Jordanians) and the formalization of workers through flexible work permits for Syrians and employment contracts for Jordanians